long live the car crash hearts

long live the car crash hearts

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this town n e e d s someone to protect it, someone like y o u.

scott’s always been about one thing. saving his friends. he will do a n y t h i n g and e v e r y t h i n g to save the people he cares about. when there’s no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. when all hope is lost, he finds another way and when he’s beaten down he stands up again! you want to find a place in his pack? you want redemption? find another way to stand and fight!

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Skittles + being separated 


commissioned work for jettiebettie! She wanted mer!Stiles drowning Derek and this is what you get. Tried to make it creepy but it feels like it didnt come out creepy as i wanted and also i have no idea how merpeople work??
Hope you like it and thanks for commissioning me!


commissioned work for jettiebettie! She wanted mer!Stiles drowning Derek and this is what you get. Tried to make it creepy but it feels like it didnt come out creepy as i wanted and also i have no idea how merpeople work??

Hope you like it and thanks for commissioning me!

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whatthehalefire replied to your post “okay babes, send me a ship and a prompt and i’m gonna write some short…”

sciles + a love confession during a causal bff hook up

Sweat-slicked and panting, Scott falls back against Stiles’ bed. It’s been a while since they’ve done this, quick blowjobs before the Sheriff shows up; they can claim horsing around most times, if Scott remembers to pulls his pants up. (He quickly zips and buttons up his jeans, even though he kind of doesn’t want to.)

He isn’t sure how Stiles manages to turn his brain to absolutely useless mush, but he’s pretty sure that comes with the blowjob territory. Still, most times he’s able to hold back everything, save for a “thanks, bro,” and a smile. Yet, his heart is still racing in his chest, thunderously loud, and his thoughts are racing; maybe that’s what crumbles his filter and causes him to say, “I love you, Stiles,” this time instead, completely sincere and maybe slightly slurred since his brain is trying to think of something else other than the way Stiles just had his mouth wrapped around his dick. 

It takes him a moment to realize what he’s said, and he freezes for a moment, but it’s nothing right? Scott leans up on his elbows to look at Stiles still kneeling in front of him. They’ve said it a million times before, he can reason, he can cover, but the look on Stiles’ face is indescribable, a mixture between thinking too hard and can’t think at all. Stiles blinks rapidly and then squints his eyes and Scott thinks he should clarify—or cover up, but really, what’s the use?

"Like. Like, I love you, man, you know? Or like love love you?" Stiles’ attempt at clarifying only confuses Scott. 

Scott raises his eyebrows, huffs out a small laugh. “What’s the difference?” he asks.

Stiles tilts his head and then he’s rubbing his hand down his face. Scott fears he’s made things complicated. “Uh. Well. I love you, man is what you usually say after a blowjob, which, by the way, you’re welcome,” Stiles says with a wink. Scott can’t help but smile. “The other way, is like, you know, Thanks for the blowjob, that was cool, but I’d also like to hold your hand in school and maybe say I love you to you, like, a lot more heartfelt and not that casual, maybe kiss sometimes, and do the whole dating thing… you know. That kind of I love you." Stiles waves his arms around, as if it helps his explanation. 

Shaking his head, Scott’s smile only gets wider. “Is that—you know, a thing that you want, Stiles?”

Shrugging, Stiles stands from where he’s been kneeling. He puts his hands on his hips. “Dunno. Could be. What about you? Wanna hold my hand in school and shit?”

Scott rolls his eyes. “Sometimes I just don’t know about you, Stiles.” But Scott nods, looks up at Stiles from where he’s laying. “Yeah, you dummy, I wanna hold your hand and shit.”

Stiles does his dumb fist pump thing and tackles Scott to the bed. “Cool. You wanna celebrate with some more blowjobs?”

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Internalized ableism is a significant part of Lydia’s character, and if Teen Wolf had a better track record with mental health issues I’d love to see this explored by canon.  (I don’t really trust the writers with this topic though.)

I’ve seen a lot of meta about Lydia’s character development since season one, about how she shed her “vapid popular girl” persona and is now owning her intelligence to the fullest.  But I haven’t seen so much about this side of Lydia.  There’s a big part of Lydia that is still very concerned with appearances, and she knows the stakes are higher now.  It isn’t about crafting the perfect persona for school anymore, it’s about whether or not other people are going to take her seriously as a human being. 

Lydia knows that being crazy means people stop listening to you.  They write you off, they second-guess anything you have to say, disregard your emotional needs, and stick you in an institution when they get tired of dealing with you personally.  She has at least one institutionalized relative that she knows of, and she knows that these things run in families, but that won’t be her, that can’t be her, she won’t be like that, she’ll make sure of it.  (Except she knows, in some corner of her mind, that she is crazy according to her own understanding of what “crazy” means, and this knowledge terrifies her.)

Lydia’s terrified that she isn’t in control of her own mind, and she’s terrified that if she admits this it will completely discredit her.  She hates not knowing how her banshee powers work.  She doesn’t want to lose credibility with her friends, she doesn’t want to be the weak or needy one, she doesn’t want to be seen as unreliable, unstable, deranged, unhinged, incompetent, all the other things that “crazy” probably means to her.

So she relishes the things she can control, like her appearance, her intellect, and her relationships with boys.  She feels triumphant when Allison, Scott and Stiles experience their post- ice bath hallucinations because to her it means she’s “not the crazy one anymore”.  She also distances herself from Meredith.

She’s probably especially afraid to get too close to Meredith, even though Meredith, as the only other banshee she knows, has knowledge and experience that Lydia desperately needs.  She can’t risk getting too close, because she doesn’t want to dwell on the similarities between them, doesn’t want to be associated with Meredith, doesn’t want other people to conclude she’s “crazy” too and start treating her the way they treat Meredith.  So she takes out her frustration on Meredith, she loses her temper and makes biting ableist comments.

Lydia has a lot going on with her mental health.  She has her PTSD from Peter, her grief over Allison, her frustration over her abilities as a banshee, the stress of being on the deadpool and fearing for her life and the lives of her friends.  On top of that, a lot of Lydia’s inner turmoil seems to be compounded by her internalized ableism.  I would really like to see her confronting her beliefs about neurodiversity and mental illness.  Learning that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to have needs that differ from other people’s, learning how to seek out support rather than isolating herself.  It would be a really good source of character growth for her, and an important message for viewers too.

you’re a werewolf.

Karen: Liam was not a huge part of this episode this week. But I feel like what was in there was really important for his character. Because he basically said that Liam couldn’t be a hero like Scott is. You know Scott is rushing off to go get Kira and he kind of assumes that Liam’s going to follow him behind and Liam sort of stops and looks down and he’s like ‘I can’t do this.’ And to me, I really liked that. Because for Scott it’s always easy to decide to do the right thing and you know he’s very brave and courageous. And I’m not saying that Liam isn’t, because he is going through a lot right now, but I think it’s interesting to see the flip side of it where he’s like wait a second. You want to go after these assassins again?! Like we could DIE why are we doing this? And it’s a much more realistic and human approach I think.
Courtney: Yeah and I don’t think Scott ever really looked at himself as being a hero, he just kind of does what he thinks is best. And I don’t necessarily think he looks at Liam and thinks oh this guy is backing off - he’s not a hero. I don’t think that’s ever anything that’s crossed Scott’s mind. It’s just a different approach. But I think we’re going to see more out of Liam in that respect.
Karen: […] What I liked too was that Scott didn’t judge him for it. He was just like ok I’ll take you home. Like he completely understands."
— Karen and Courtney discussing Liam and his relationship with Scott (Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #78 – Double Stuf Murder)
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